"Smile's straight-forward, commonsense, easy-to-follow approach transformed my dogs' behavior... and (I don't mind admitting) more than a little of my life!" 
Cindi Anderson (dog-mom to 3 dogs)
"Fantastic! Only Day 4 and I see a big difference in my dogs, simply from changing
my routines.”
Joseph  Lenier (trainer and dog-dad
to 6 dogs)
“Excellent!  What I liked best is the incredibly humane,
'dog-centric' techniques.”
Ellen (dog-mom to 2 dogs)
"Clear, concise and soooo
Claudia (dog mom to 1 dog)
"I have grown up with animals all my life, from reading books to hands-on.  But I haven’t come close to the vast amount of information you presented.  With my eight rescue animals, treats are plentiful but the wallet is thin… it never dawned on me that a smile was just as valuable to the animals!”  
Brenda (dog rescuer and foster-mom)
"I purchased my first copy and couldn't put it down!!  It is well written and very interesting to read.  I am a dog trainer with a masters in psychology and I so enjoyed the way the information was presented from a psychological perspective! The information in the book has definitely helped me with some of my training cases, and I am purchasing a second copy for one of my dog training clients!" 
Carol (human psychologist & dog trainer)
Team up with your dog...
to find your
happy place!
More reviews:
Smile! immerses you in canine culture in a manner that provides incredible insight into human behavior. It is about reducing tension, communicating clearly, leading the way and honoring pivotal differences. It is about practicing kindness, dumping bad habits and finding happiness. It is about the energy we share and the state of mind behind that energy. It is about letting go of the stuff that isn’t working, and it is about teamwork.

If you equate training your dog with frustration and failure, fear not! This book's commonsense, in-the-moment, canine-savvy, smile-based approach will be of great help, and it will bring enjoyment and meaning into your life. After all, if you aren’t happy, your dogs can’t be their best.